Saturday, March 7, 2009


Its amazing to thinking about love
When I see two pigeon fly over the trees
Together around the beautiful nature
Sing a love song and Find a beautiful place
It s wonderful moment

I see the blue sky above with a cloud paint
Then I saw a face that I never seen before
She smile to me like an angel
I think shes pretty one
Its make me happy and hope thats a real thing

But I know thats just an illusion
Ill founding for the girl who I love
However I never imagine where can I found
And How can I do that
Or when it happened to me

Its like waiting for a nothing but I dont care
Cause Im not just feel it but also make me happy
Its beautiful moment to think about love
Its cant be written or say with a perfect words
It is too deep in my hearts

I want to go around the world
To find the girl who I love with all my feelings
And I want to bring her to go around the love world
To find happiness and love each other
Until everybody know

And we are feeling whats a beautiful love
thereI knowour love is always strong
however the dark try to take it over
however the storm try to damage our love
but I knowwere still together with a beautiful love

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